Sadly this game has long since gone on hiatus. I keep it here for reference for future games. I love the idea, and I plan to come back here and revisit this.



Name: Werewolf  Type: Lycanthrope

Description: This muscular creature has a man’s body but the snarling head and fur coat of a wolf.

ST: 19        DX: 13     IQ: 10       HT: 14  
Will: 12      Per: 10    Speed: 7.75  Dodge: 11 
Move: 7       SM: 0      HP: 19       FP: 14
Reaction +/-: NA         Parry: 10    DR: 5
Block: 9        

Advantages: Acute Hearing (1), Acute Taste and Smell (3), Claws (Sharp Claws), Combat Reflexes, Regeneration (Very Fast: 1HP/Sec), Striking ST (6);

Disadvantages: Berserk, Bestial, Bloodlust, Lunacy, Vulnerability (Silver)

Damage:  Thrust Damage 2d+2 (reach C).
         Swing Damage 5d-1 (Claws) (reach C)

Skills: Brawling-14, Climbing-12, Intimidation-11, Observation-11

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Death of a Golem

3/18/12 Leon's notebook

Something or another is going wrong with Carla. Her needs now include eating or sleeping with people.  This is wrong on so many levels. We had a meeting on it. Carla accused me later of being a dick about it, but it's probably because I had earlier refused to sleep with her. I could tell something was up, and was vindicated when it turned out she wanted a meal out of me. As I see it, she got me into a near disaster because she deviated from my script, and told me to say I submitted to the creature, then for some reason she thought discussing her plans in front of it was a good idea, followed by kissing it? She’s lucky to be alive at all!

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